Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey everyone! Have you had similar experiences? Just curious. 


  1. When I was fifteen, my dad wrote me an "IOU" for a birthday present. When I presented it to him some six months later and said, "I want a bike," I think he regretted it a bit [although he also claimed not to remember giving it to me--good thing his handwriting is very distinctive]. Thus began an odyssey to various bike stores, trying out expensive mountain bikes, etc, but in the end I picked out the cheapest one they had at Wal-Mart: it was a red ladies bike & one speed; I really did like it. I just sold it this summer. =)

  2. Being a classy guy is nothing to be ashamed of, Ted... and yes. I feel massive amounts of guilt over just about everything.

  3. haha dude, i can totally relate! I also feel guilty about everything, I will totally make a comic like this someday. and i love that little bike in the title